Why choose MAN boudoir photographer?
Men and women see women differently, through different traits, experiences, and different mentality. What men see as feminine and women see as feminine might be totally different Woman can see just old oversized sweater where man can love the way you look in these old baggy clothes.
Sometimes the photos are a gift or surprise for your partner, then You would probably want a man's opinion, "You tell me, You're a man, You will know better what he might like". And that is why I am here. It is the same as I would look for present for my wife, I would ask for advice other women.
In front of a man it might be easier for You to show your femininity and reveal feminine side of You. After all it is common scenerio that You play, being feminine in front of a man.
 It is important to find photographer with style that You like and taste for art that You like, sometimes it might be a man, and that is fine too. He will deliver You life changing photos and emotions. It is his job to make You feel comfortable and relaxed. 
Man or woman photographer, we only focus on posing, use of light and good atmosphere. We're not here to judge.
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