How to prepare for your boudoir session?

- focus on good hydration - it is both healthy and important so your skin and face would look good;
- wear loose clothes, something maybe oversize to avoid marks on your body;
- if your coming for session with included make up do not wear anything on your face before;
- before the day try on lingerie You would like to wear during session, see if everything fits perfectly, preferably remove all tags;
- bring lingerie You love or your significant other likes, stockings, cardigans, shirt, oversized t-shirts and similar accessories, You can use the session as opportunity for shopping with your best friend;
- when You will shave your body, please do not do it against the hair, prepare whole body, perhaps You will fill comfortable enough to try pose nude;
- session lasts for about 120 minutes make sure You have eaten something before, but have it light;
„Why women choose boudoir session?” 
Birthday, yours or your partner's. Big events, anniversaries, weddings. Life change, new start. To remind themselves ho beautiful and feminine they are, to do something just for themselves.
„I have a problematic places, do You use Photoshop?” 
Basically I want to show You for You, I am not adding and not removing. I would like You to feel good with yourself, and be confident. To achieve that I use posing, good lighting and framing. Although if You would like to I can use Photoshop.
„Are You offering make up and hairdresser?” 
Yes, but this is only limited to top packages and only in Poland as I am using only skilled make up artists and hairdressers that I know and worked with. Make up artist and hairdresser is specifically chosen based on theme of your  boudoir photoshoot..
„Where the photoshoot takes place?” 
It depends on chosen style and theme for the session, we will select matching apartment or studio. If this will make You more comfortable You can have your session in your home or place that You know.
„Do You travel to other cities?” 
Yes, there is this possibility. Additional cost depends on location.
„Can I bring someone with me?” 
Boudoir and sensual photos are something to be proud of. You can bring whoever You want to the session although make sure he or she is on board with idea behind the session to avoid spoiled fun. You can always bring your best friend and we can do duo session or session for pairs.
„Can I buy session as a present?” 
Of course, Boudoir session is ideal present for women. You can get a voucher for your dearest friend, sister or partner.
„I am shy to pose in front of man, what now?” 
I get it. There are women that are not sure to be photographed by a man, there are also these that prefer to pose in front of man. See couple of reasons where I explain why it is good idea to have man photographer?
7 lies that hold You back from having boudoir experience
1. „I am not a model” 
None of the beautiful women I photographed were professional model. These are colleagues, mothers, sisters, normal women, beautiful, feminine, confident, just like You.

2. „I will have to get naked or wear skimpy lingerie”
Nothing futher from the truth, You can have boudoir session fully clothed. Boudoir sessions are not about being nude. I can always advise You on your wardrobe choice but it is up to You what You wear or not. From the beginning we fit style of a wardrobe to style and theme of photoshoot.

3. „I will have to pretend being sexy and I will fail” 
You will never have to pretend anything. You are already sexy, and it is on me to show You this. Trust me, I am professional. Harnessed lighting, few simple instructions, click and this is how it is done.

4. „I will be on the internet” 
NO, if You do not want to. Every posted picture was agreed before with every photographed woman. You decide wheter You want to keep your photos to yourself or show them to the world to encourage other women.

5. „I have no one to do the boudoir photos for”
 I cannot agree. The most important person You can have boudoir done for is YOURSELF. Sensual session is YOURS experience, YOURS change, YOURS femininity. I bet your second half will be delighted with the photos, but first of all, they are for You!

6. „I am not 20 anymore” 
Boudoir and sensual photos are for every woman, no matter age, look or shape. Femininity can be forever. If You are already here, why don't You see for yourself and book your session?

7. „I do not belong in front of camera” 
You photograph your family life moments, your kids, pets and friend but You do not want to have anything to do with being in photographed. It is as their life would be more important then yours...
Boudoir session is for You and just about You.
Okay! I know everything, I am READY!
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